Colosseum Research Paper

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Ever wonder where the stadium had came from, well the Colosseum . For this great structure there has been a history behind it the Romans were the ones who built it. The Emperor, Vespasian at the time took a part of Rome to build something for the public. This man did as much as he could to be part of public affairs rather than build structures for his selfish ways. The "Construction began 72 C.E, captured 12,000 Jewish slaves"(Ponticelli) so they could do all the work together to save time on building the Colosseum. Isn 't that smart? The real reason why the Romans got Jewish slaves is because the Romans were polytheistic while the Jew were monotheistic. This created conflict between the two religious groups. The building took 8 year in …show more content…

The Hypogeum had many surprises like water flooding and two-floor system. (Ponticelli). As one of the greatest structures in Roman history it created an impact. Like every legacies they have left many thing behind for the modern world. This structure is used all around the world which is also known as the "stadium". " The Romans also invented a new kind of stadium.... The tunnels made it easy for spectators to reach their seats. Modern football stadiums still use this feature." (History Alive 12-13). Like the Colosseum the modern day stadium was inspired by the Romans, like them they had tickets and seatings, concession, easy exits and bathrooms etc. This used all over the world. The main purpose of this architecture was for entertainment with a retractable roof which came in very handy when the weather is very bad and since that may happen very suddenly they can have the roof turn on and still be able to watch the game. This is seen all over the world some examples are in United States where they play the national sport of our country which is football the only sport that is played across the United States and no where else. But the most common one that is known all over the world is the stadium in other countries for soccer also known as football in other

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