How Did Roman Architecture Impact Society

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Roman Architecture had the greatest impact on today's society. Rome fell in 476 c.e. due to Barbaric tribes invading, government corruption, a weak economy and shrinking military. Although it fell, its impacts on the world lived on. A legacy is something you leave behind to inspire people. Some legacies Rome left behind were it's art, it's architecture and engineering, it's language and writing and Rome's philosophy, law, and citizenship. I believe that roman architecture and engineering had the greatest impact on society because it influenced modern day buildings, modern day roads, and modern day bridges. Roman were believed to be one of the first people to build roads. Roads connect everything. They connect people to people, people …show more content…

Roman architecture is all very famous, from arches to the pantheon and the world famous colosseum, roman architecture is everywhere. One of the first things Romans created were arches. Arches were made by first putting foundation in the ground below where the arch was going to be built. Next, Romans built a wood frame and slowly constructed the arch around the wood until only the keystone, the top middle stone of the arch, was placed. After the keystone was set into place, they removed the wood frame. Romans later used these arches to build aqueducts and even the colosseum. The colosseum closely resembles a modern day stadium with its 360 degree view, retractable roof, public bathrooms, water fountains and assigned seating. One more thing Romans did very well was creating domes. Much like arches, a dome was built around a wood frame. One of Rome's more famous domes, the pantheon was built with an opening at the top where the keystone would be, to help distribute weight. This opening was called the oculus and was used to get in touch with roman gods. Right in my living room I have a door in the shape of an arch. The Massachusetts state house, has both arches and a golden dome. Everywhere you turn are arches and domes and you may not even realize! Arches are used in many elegant and fancy buildings because arches symbolize power and prestige. Arches are also common because they use little material and are cheap. Plus they look pretty nice so you can't really go wrong. Everyone loves cheap

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