Communication Discourse In Ebola

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This essay will be discussing the various discourses that have been introduced in the given text ‘Smuggled Bushmeat is Ebola’s Back Door to America’, regarding the phenomenal Ebola outbreak that took over the media not only in Africa but internationally. Ebola virus disease or Ebola haemorrhagic fever is an illness that was carried by fruit bats then transferred to human beings. The disease can only be transferred from person to person through skin contact and release of body fluids. The disease was first discovered and originated from Central Africa in 1976, effecting many African people from central Africa then soon enough spreading across to the West of Africa as we know today. In 2014, the Ebola outbreak had mainly effected the West Africans,…show more content…
Discourse can be defined as being a form of communication. It is the dominant ideologies, concepts and ideas that are thought by the majority of society through the process of reasoning. In relation to the topic in the article involving the outbreak of Ebola and the concept of discourses, there are many arising discourses that have been mentioned in the article. Important terms that arise from the article are; discourses, interaction norms, issues of power and representation of Africa in the media. In this essay, the thesis approach will deal with how discourses have been reproduced through the negative representations of Africa about Ebola and what the world thinks of Africa. Discourses to be discussed are; power discourse, race based discourse and third world…show more content…
An example of this in the text is first introduced is the race-based discourse between the turbaned woman when asked about the bushmeat. Her reaction, which was confused and non-verbal emphasizes the idea that her lack of voicing her opinion on the topic is that she may be illegally dealing with the bushmeat into the country, making it seem as if all foreigners, especially the black African immigrants, cannot be trusted in the United States of America. The first paragraph of the article suggests that Americans already see immigrants, which has a negative connotation to it in the word immigrant, by using the words ‘those West African nations’ naturally secludes the African people. It depicts West Africans as poor, and only in America to make money introducing the idea of a third world discourse. Africans, and not only West Africans have become ostracized from other countries by the extensive measures put in place to try avoid the spreading of Ebola from African based countries to other countries. In the article it mentions that the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have placed warning notices saying that they strongly discourage the involvement between the Americans and the three countries (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leonne) with the

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