Communism: Karl Marx And Friedrich Engels

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Communism Throughout the years, humans have come up with many, many ideas. Some ideas, like expressing language using symbols (writing) or a machine that could transmit sound energy using electricity (telephone) are fundamental to our everyday lives. Other ideas, such as a USB pet rock (, are just plain head-scratching. But in 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote a book about an idea that would change the world. That idea is still around the world today. The name of their book? “The Communist Manifesto”. Communism is a society where private property and social classes are non-existent, the government owns any and all materials required to make products, and gives the public what they need to get by. One important point of Communism is that there are no social classes. Everyone is equal to their fellow citizens. The idea of Communism became very influential in the 20th century, as it helped inspire communist revolutions in many different countries around the world. Marx believed that mankind’s one issue throughout the years was a clash between different social classes. Marx isn’t completely wrong when he says that. No one likes being told what to do by other people, however Marx’s idea was a bit extreme. He came to the conclusion that, “Hey, if social classes are the real problem here, why don’t we have a class-less society?”. In theory, everyone would get along and be equal. In theory, we would work to our ability and

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