Lgbtq Reflection

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The second week of class really sparked up some great topics that I wanted to reflect on within my paper. From who is in the LGBTQ+ community, to if allies should be considered part of the community, and to multiple identities, I thought that I wanted to do a little more research on these topics and put my knowledge to the test. Some things I agreed with within class, and some things made me question myself and my beliefs. I also came across a few statements that I do not agree with, and I want to exercise my point along with being constructive with them.

When it came to who was part of the LGBTQ+ community, I didn’t know there were so many different “parts” of the community. When I thought of the acronym, I thought of the usual lesbian, …show more content…

I agreed with what the other classmates were saying during this discussion because the University does need to give the students guidelines on how to bring change to campus, but the students need to be the ones to push for the changes. As students, we know what needs to be changed on this campus. The faculty only sees one side of the University, and that is learning aspect. I believe that the faculty should be more diverse with sexual orientation, race, gender, and ages. This would help with students who learn better with the same sexual orientation, race, gender, and age, and it would give them an even path for success. Looking in from the outside, I believe that this university does a great job with diversity, but there is always a need for improvement.

Throughout the second week I thought there was a lot of thought provoking ideas that made me question who I was and what my beliefs were. People brought up great points, and there were a lot of ideas I didn’t agree with that were supported very well, and have made me change my idea on the specific matter. I really hope the class continues on this flow, because I enjoy the way that the class is discussion

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