Compare And Contrast Essay On Kanae Vs. Smith

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Kanae vs. Smith: Diversity of Languages

Language originates from many places and has many dialects. Each unique idiom carries different cultures as well as history to show how that way of speaking came to be. There are diverse ways of talking too, such as how Hawaii has developed “Pidgin”, a part of the English language that came into existence as the old islanders began to speak to one another in their own way. This was to make speaking English much more casual and faster. Lisa Kanae points out in her story Sista Tongue that language is different and is created through many different events in history as well as the mixing of cultures. Contrary to the excerpt by Madorah E. Smith, Lisa Kanae views language as the beauty and diversity of the …show more content…

Smith was a writer that wrote an excerpt about the “problem” of bilingualism. The fact that there is the word “problem” in Smith's 1939 piece titled “Some Light on the Problem of Bilingualism..” automatically states that she is against the many diverse languages that are being used in society and education. The main idea that Smith is saying in her writing is that bilingualism is hurting the minds of those who are trying to “get smart”. Another point is also highlighted in the second part of Smith's excerpt: those who speak nothing but English are strong against the minds that are bilingual. Following this, those who are bilingual are described as “retarded”. She is trying to say here that anyone who can speak more than just English are hurt from completely mastering only English. These people that speak more than English are described as not better …show more content…

There is an attack on how the English language segregate the children in schools. Smith states that English makes people smarter and brings people together because of the common speech. However, Kanae states that the English standard separates people and causes animosity because there is no room for other languages. This is true because the school systems back then would not even allow any other languages to be spoken, except standard English. Smith stated in her excerpt that English makes intelligence and unity. Kanae says that it makes intelligence, but that it segregates and makes people feel negative. She wants there to be a diversity of languages and an appreciation for all of them. English makes unity, but that it's not worth the loss of many other unique dialects. Many people communicate through different forms of language whether English or

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