Compare And Contrast French Revolution And American Revolutions

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There are different types of revolutions all around the world. English, American, French, and Latin Revolutions are one the most important ones that happened. These revolutions all have something in common. All of them emphasize the enlightenment idea of freedom. Although all of these revolutions started differently they ended up making a change. The English, American, French, and Latin Revolutions each originated in their attempts to separate from oppressive rule, all of these revolutions all shared certain similarities, and their use of enlightenment ideas throughout the revolutions. All of these revolutions started in different ways. The English Revolution had three different fights. It started with the conflicts between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers. The first fight was between King Charles …show more content…

America and Latin America both wanted the same thing out of these revolutions. They were both sick and tired with the type of government that they had. They both had king telling them what to do, so they wanted to get rid of that. They both wanted to get there independence. English and French both had a type of government that they didn't like either and they just wanted to change it. These two wanted to change their government instead of being like Latin America and America and get rid of it completely. The English Revolution emphasized the idea of natural rights and having a selfish leader should be different. The idea of natural rights is from John Locke and having a selfish is from Thomas Hobbes. The American Revolution emphasized the idea of Montesquieu. His idea was the separation of powers so its balanced, as in what we still use. The French Revolution focused the same idea as Thomas Hobbes. The idea of having one evil and selfish king had to change. The Latin America Revolution highlighted the idea of John Locke. They wanted independence of their things, natural

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