Compare And Contrast Ralph And Jack

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Contrast between Ralph and Jack Imagine being alone in an unknown land with no supervision and no guardians, only a group of strangers and a battle for survival. The Lord of the Flies starts off with the introduction of a group of boys stuck on an unknown island during a raging war after their plane got shot down. Ralph ends up being voted as chief by winning the majority of the boys’ vote and assigned Jack as the leader of the hunters for obtaining food. At the beginning, Ralph and Jack both start off with following rule and order along with the structure of civilization to work together on escaping from the island. However, people’s true colors start to show, forming the line between civilization and savagery. In Lord of the Flies, most …show more content…

SamnEric get captured and tortured by Jack after Piggy and Ralph went to Castle Rock to get Piggy’s glasses back. Ralph went to visit SamnEric at Castle Rock after the death of Piggy with hope that they would join him again. SamnEric reply Ralph saying, “‘Listen, Ralph. Nevermind what’s sense. That got to go for your own good...They hate you, Ralph. They’re going to do you,’” (Golding 188). SamnEric warn Ralph about the danger that he’s in and tells him to escape while he still has the chance. Based on this quote, SamnEric’s oppression from Jack and feeling frightened prevented them to leave Jack’s tribe. They are under Jack’s control due to their fears of getting tortured and beaten for misbehaving. These emotions engendered them to give Ralph warnings about how harmful Jack and his tribe can be while having no choice but to leave Ralph’s side. Although he is not a strong leader, Jack has the ability to scare others to the point where they obey him to avoid trouble. Under those circumstances, Jack’s control over the boys with their fears caused most of them leave Ralph’s side and move to Jack’s

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