Compare And Contrast Rome And Carthage

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Rome and Carthage, the two-superpower at the time, had numbers of similarities, differences, advantages and weakness. In this paper, I will explain the strength of the two-mighty empire which existed in ancient times. In addition to that, what lead Rome to become a naval power and how did they achieve that.
In the early years of the Roman Republic, a civilization in northern Africa almost as powerful as Rome was expanding her influence in several continents. Carthage grows into a trading and commercial empire in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Rome became concerned as Carthage influence near home was getting stronger, especially in the Western Mediterranean region and Spain. Carthage wealth gives an advantage over Rome as they build a powerful navy and they were able to afford a mercenary army. According to Mark (2011). “She had a powerful navy, a mercenary army and, through tribute, tariffs, and trade, enough wealth to do as she pleased. Through a treaty with the small city of Rome, she barred Roman trade in the
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In sixty days from a broken Carthaginian vessel with Roman enthusiasm and efficiency, they have built one hundred similar ships. Additionally, by recognizing the Roman soldiers’ superiority and the need for retraining for sea battles they improved their chances to face the Carthaginians. Furthermore, the engineering of drawbridges added an easier access for soldier’ to board and attack nearby Carthaginian vessels. With all these efforts and changes added to the eagerness to defend Italy and her interest, Rome was on her way to becoming a naval power. Soon the Romans were able to celebrate the first victory at Mylae (B.C. 260) where the Roman fleet with the command of Duilius defeated the Carthaginians and either sink or captured their fifty ships. Morey

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