Compare And Contrast Satan And Oliver Cromwell's Rebellion

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Most all rebellions stem from the idea of creating a better society. Both Satan and Oliver Cromwell understand that by establishing a society superior to what once was, equality might be achieved. In the case of Oliver Cromwell’s rebellion, this equality applied to the masses. This is similar to that of Satan, whose rebellion gives equality to the angels. Both movements largely impact the whole of creation and humanity. Satan’s rebellion affects mankind because “man would possibly not have been created and would certainly not have fallen, and no justification of the ways of God to man would have been necessary or possible” without it. (Williams 253). Even though Lucifer is portrayed as monstrous for disobeying his father, he is capable of having a good influence. Satan was able …show more content…

The corruption of man begins with the disobedience to God's command. While Satan initiates the fall of man, Oliver Cromwell built a corrupt military dictatorship that caused the death of many innocent people. The two revolutionaries both impact their societies significantly and cause a multitude of good and bad decisions to be made.
But none of these outcomes would occur if their uprisings did not begin. Oliver Cromwell and Satan’s rebellions share one common motive of insurgency; to be on equal footing with the figure of higher authority in order to establish a well fit society. This is the foundation of the rebellions against King Charles I and God, but Satan’s uprising is slightly more complex than just a longing to be equal with or even surpass God. One possible motivation for this monumental rebellion is God’s commandment to the angels forcing them to reverence man, but Satan refuses to accept man and hence his sin was the refusal to allow man to outrank the angels (Williams 255). Lucifer denies to

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