Compare And Contrast The Federalist And Anti-Federalists

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After the creation of the Constitution two groups formed and called themselves the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The two groups had very different opinions on the creation of the constitution and disputed matters for a very long time until they came to an agreement. Through out the whole process there were many discussions, meetings and lots of influence from both sides. Eventually the influence of some individuals helped to pass the Constitution, but not before the Anti-Federalists had their say. The Federalists favored the Constitution and was lead by many founders. The Federalists had most support coming from merchants and others in cities/ coastal regions. The Federalists held the argument that without a strong central government, one the Constitution offered, that anarchy would become an issue. But a strong central government could protect against enemies while solving other, smaller issues. The Anti-Federalists opposed the new Constitution. Most of the support came from inland farmers and workers. Combined everyone feared a strong national government. The a Anti-Federalists were angry because they believed the Constitution was created secretly, without any ones input. They claimed it was extralegal, not sanctioned by law. Another point of argument for the Anti-Federalists was that the Constitution took big powers …show more content…

Basic rights include freedom of speech and religion, due process, and a fair and speedy trial. The Bill of Rights was requested by the Anti-Federalists as a clear outline for basic human rights. The constitution did not address these originally as the Federalists stated many states had their own personal Bill of Rights. Until the Bill of Rights was agreed upon the Federalists were not on board. But it took much convincing from many important historical people to get enough votes to officially except the

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