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The Proclamation Line and the Louisiana Purchase

The Proclamation Line and the Louisiana Purchase are two important happenings in the history of the United States of America including how westward expansion affected the country’s economy. While the Proclamation Line sought to stop the conflicts between the colonist and the Native Americans, the Louisiana Purchased has doubled the territory of America, and such purchase became the defining moment of Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency.

The Proclamation Line of 1763

Written by King George III in 1763, the Proclamation Line was one of the first political moves initiated by the British after the cessation of the French and Indian War. The Line sought to stop expansion beyond the Appellation Mountain. …show more content…

The said purchase seeks to “remove all the source of misunderstanding relative to the objects of discussed mentioned in the Second and fifth articles o f the Convention of the 8th Vendé miaire an 9/30 September 1800 relative to the rights claimed by the United States in virtue of the Treaty concluded at Madrid the 27 of October 1795” (American Originals). While the Proclamation Line of 1763 sought to stop the conflicts between the colonists and the Native Americans, the purchase was all about the deal of the United States and France, which enabled the U.S. to “acquired approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River for $15 million” (Montecillo). To note, the Louisiana Territory stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada and from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. In 1762 the French gave Spain the territory as a thanks for their assistance in the Seven Years War. France at this time did not consider it a great loss as it was expensive maintain and the Louisiana Territory was nothing more than a swamp that did not yield much benefit. When Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of France in 1799 he looked for world domination. One of the areas on his mind was to retake the Louisiana Territory from Spain. In a secret negotiation and deal with Spain, France re-acquired the Louisiana Territory in 1800. Relatively, the Louisiana Purchase included 828 million

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