Comparing Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

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The beginning of the United States brought together a variety of competing ideas and interests. It was a time of wide-scale conflict not only in the revolutionary realm, but the political sphere as well. In no two people is this better exemplified than Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Yet despite their differences, it is arguable that both of them made equal contributions to the country which they helped create. (1) Hamilton’s hardworking nature and can-do attitude became the driving force behind his varied amount of accomplishments. His father had skipped town soon after he was born, his mother died when he was young, and he had few other family members to fall back on. To make up for these lackluster credentials, he decided to work himself at a constant pace. While he is most well-known for his authorship of fifty-two of the eighty-five essays comprising the Federalist Papers, he didn’t stop there. In fact, Hamilton would argue with anyone he didn’t …show more content…

He knew numbers, and he also knew that the future of the United States was tied to cities, factories, and the ability for a national bank to be chartered. Not only that, but he wanted the nation to keep close ties with Britain economically, mostly because the idea of placing financial backing in a country where heads were quite literally rolling didn’t seem the smartest way to go. (7) Despite these differences, Hamilton and Jefferson played important roles in the beginning of the United States. For one, they were both brilliant writers. Both of them created compilations that would later become premiere documents of the time period. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was part of the fire that brought about the Revolutionary War, and it is still stands as a model of true freedom today. Hamilton had a lasting impact on our national government as well when he penned those essays placed in The Federalist Papers some two hundred years ago.

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