Comparing Progressivism And The Progressive Movement

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Contrast this against Progressivism, which Kesler calls “New View of Rights and Representation. The Progressive ideology which support advocacy of social reform by way of social evolution. Right and liberties are not guaranteed. As Political inequality was defeated in republicanism, in progressivism, economic inequality took it's place. Barriers that our Constitution held to protect civil rights and civil liberties were being worn away. Leaving rights to be either regained or lost. Kelser, theory Historical changes drives our development progress as a society. Allowing us to evolve and gain liberties. But the power is not necessarily given to the people in this scenario to decide these changes. History is so subjective. Not all changes …show more content…

(both views hold limitations). Rule by the people is only a better system when the people use wisdom and justice to rule and the Goverment is strong and in step with its people. Rule by the government is only better if the Government itself keeps to the same standard, fair, just and responsible leadership (that would use moderation). No gerrymandering or abuse of power(like firing the person auditing you in an investigation) It can easily drift out of control if either Congress, Supreme Court or the President overstep boundaries. A politically progressive society is like a pendulum. With every swing forward “Supposedly” moving forward depending who is at the helm. It also has the potential to swing back regressing creating conflicts stronger restraints and limitation negating History's previous progress. In a whole our society has become detached unplugged from the human connection In view of this fact, what can any ideology bring if there is no one left to follow and believe in them. Traditional hold tried and true ideals while progressives is subjective to the current powers that be. We have made many strides toward equality. I can only trust in the one thing that will never change. The power of

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