Compare And Contrast The Populist Movement And The Progressive Movement

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During the progressive era political parties controlled everything about the social system and could easily dominate the other party by forming political machines. The parties recruited members by offering them jobs, money, and favors. They also provided social services, hosted community events, and gave food to the needy, all in exchange for votes. During the time of reform the two main views on government were the progressive party and the populist movement. The populist movement was supported mainly by farmers in the south and west, they wanted local stores built, more railroads, and more telegraph lines. The people in the populist movement did not wear a party label and would not join the democrats even though they had many of the same views. The progressive party is responsible for a lot of the change during the progressive era. They found corruption in the political machines and ended scandals in the government. Under the progressives the government was reformed to be more efficient. Progressives also helped improve the terrible living conditions in tenement homes and pass laws to shorten work days. …show more content…

The government passes laws that regulated banking, business, mining, transportation, working conditions for workers and farmers. The government also started to take over jobs that were originally performed by political machines. They now print ballots, provide social welfare, provide money for the needy, and conduct elections. As the era continued the government continued to grow larger and more efficient. Government reformers attacked corrupt political bosses and broke up monopolies. Also during this time labor unions gained the support of the government and actually became useful to its members. So by the end of the progressive era the government had grown tremendously and controlled most of the

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