Comparing Shakespeare's Hamlet And Orestes And Hamlet: Vengeance

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Orestes and Hamlet: Vengeance

Hamlet and Orestes had duties on avenging their fathers. However whose vengeance was

more rightfully so? By explaining the backstories and comparing Hamlet and Orestes we will

conclude whose vengeance was more acceptable. Excerpts from Earl Showerman, a

Shakespearean expert and excerpts from Aeschylus The Oresteia and Shakespeare's Hamlet will

support who was more justified in avenging their father.

Going over the characters stories is important in deciding on whose vengeance is more

justified. First events in The Oresteia, in Agamemnon, Orestes father, Agamemnon was killed by

his wife Clytemnestra and her new lover Aegisthus. The reason Agamemnon sacrificed his

daughter, Iphigenia, was to help himself and troops …show more content…

Hamlet promises to avenge his father, but takes a long

time to do so because he want Claudius to be acting guilty so he goes to hell. Claudius and

Gertrude believe that Hamlet is acting strangely and asks his friends to watch him. Soon, a group

of actors who are traveling come to Elsinore, Hamlet uses them to try make Claudius guilty.

When the actors do the play they do make Claudius leave the room, Hamlet follows him to kill

him but he sees him praying and believes that it is not the right time. Hamlet meets with his

mother, who is in the room with Polonius. Polonius hides, Hamlet then kills him believing he

was Claudius. Claudius notices that Hamlet is acting different and wants to send him England

and will have him killed as soon as he get there. Polonius son Laertes hears the news and returns

to Denmark from France, Laertes and Claudius meet and plan to kill Hamlet with poison. Laertes

will challenge Hamlet to a duel and fight with a poisoned blade. While Claudius will give a

poisoned drink every time Hamlets wins a round. The fight happens and Hamlet

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