Comparing The Eric Garner Incident In New York And The Killing Of Justine Damond

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The incidents I chose that have shown the most criminal justice malfeasance is the Eric Garner incident in New York and the killing of Justine Damond. All five contextual themes can be seen in this case and the administrative concepts that could have prevented these situations can be seen as well. I will go over these cases one at a time to not be confusing to the reader. The first case I will discuss is the case of Eric Garner and the incident that ultimately led to his death. “Eric Garner was lumbering along a sidewalk on Staten Island on a July day when an unmarked police car pulled up. The plainclothes officers inside knew Mr. Garner well, mostly for selling untaxed cigarettes not far from the nearby Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Mr. Garner …show more content…

Garner when it comes to the contextual themes used in the textbook. For the organizational functions, the leadership needed to know what was actually taking place on the streets with their officers and quell the bad behavior. If it was a training issue, the officers should have had that addressed sooner by the administration. Employee relations, the officers had dealt with Mr. Garner before. Instead of automatically trying to go for an arrest and close rank and file with the supervisors on your scene, a community approach to handling the situation should have taken place. That way you could have been sure that he was breaking the law instead of jumping to conclusions. I do not believe for one second that the NYPD can say they are using a style of open system type of policing. It literally is the citizenry versus them. They need to get in their communities and take the time to learn what the problems are and how to truly fix what is going on. Social Equity should be improved throughout this whole department not just this precinct. The stop and frisk, this incident, and I am sure there are plenty more, target minorities. I do believe this was racially motivated due to the fact the officers there went right for Mr. Garner without doing any investigation at all. Finally, the department should start servicing the client’s interest aka the citizenry. They did not help this man after the illegal arrest. …show more content…

Investigators have said Officer Mohamed Noor shot the 40-year-old woman after she called 911 to report a possible sexual assault near her home. Noor's partner, Officer Matthew Harrity, told investigators a noise startled him just before Damond approached their police SUV. Noor was in the passenger seat and shot Damond through the open driver-side window. The sheer magnitude of this case has basically ripped the department to pieces. First off, organizational function was broken from the very beginning with the rapid speed that Officer Mohamed Noor gained his badge. “The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Justine Damond was put on an accelerated police cadet program that required only seven months of training, a nontraditional route that aims to help those who have a college degree enter law enforcement” (Fox News, 2017). Just because you hear a noise that might have startled your partner does not give you the authority to shoot someone who is clearly unarmed and called you out to her residence to investigate a crime that is happening on her property. There was little to no inspection by administrators to make sure he was qualified to be out there doing police work. Leaders are responsible for everyone under their control and the policies that this department had at the time were substandard to say the least and to fast track someone into this line of work

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