Comparing The Hawaiian Creation Myth And The World On The Turtle's Back

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There are over hundreds of creation stories from many various cultures, religions, or areas. Though we may never know if any are true, creation stories are the basis of every culture and religion. One of the most popular and well-known stories about the foundation of the world is the Catholic creation story about God constructing the Earth in six days and resting on the seventh. Two other recognized legends are the Hawaiian creation myth and the Iroquois creation myth, also known as “The World on the Turtle’s Back.” Each account of creation is diverse in several aspects, but the most interesting thing is they are similar in many points also. The Catholic creation story, found in Genesis 1:1-2:3, is one of the more famous tales. It is very popular and explains the reason for a seven day week. It talks about how God created the light and dark on the first day, water on the second day, land on the third, the sun and moon the next day, then the fish and birds, and finally the animals and humans on the sixth day. The story also emphasizes that there is only one God and true creator. Overall, the story focuses on how God took his time making certain things each day and how God rested and made the seventh day holy. …show more content…

This legend begins with a woman falling from the sky and finding a home on the back of a turtle. Commonly known as “The World on Turtle’s Back,” the Iroquois creation myth is primarily about two twins creating earth and everything on it. The twins are opposites and symbolize good and evil. The left-handed twin is treacherous and cruel, but the right-handed twin is just the opposite by being kind-hearted and nice. After competing in several competitions and fighting many times, the right-handed twin kills his brother and throws him into the ocean, but the left-handed twin still lives somewhere below the

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