Comparing The Hero's Journey In Cinderella By Grimm Brothers

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Grimm brothers made many eminence German fairy tales. Grimm brothers fairy tales included the Hero’s Journey, but their stories were little different in this time. In comparison, The Disney Cinderella story. Actually Cinderella is not her real name, she was a rebel in this story, “She obliged to do heavy work from morning to night, get up early, draw water, cook, and wash” (Grimms 81). The reason Grimm brothers “Cinderella” can the Hero’s Journey, It contains a through Cinderella’s departure, initiation, and return.
First, Cinderella’s Hero’s Journey was to begun when she departed from her mother’s care in this story. Her mother wanted Cinderella to be good and pious, but Cinderella was not. “The maiden went every day to her mother’s grave …show more content…

He chased her, but she was gone and found her left shoe. Next day the King was announceable to in this story. All the young women might put on the left shoe. If a woman who fitted on shoe, she became the Prince’s bride. Cinderella was still imagined the dance with prince. She feel she’s became a princess. Later the prince went to the Cinderella’s house. The two daughters tried on the shoe, but it doesn’t fitted the shoe was too small. Her mother recognized the shoe is not fitted in. she cut her daughters’ toe and heel because if she became the queen, then the queen doesn’t need to walk. Cinderella and wish birds knew she was not the right woman. The wish birds gave them hint she was not the right woman. “There they go, there they go! There is blood on her shoe; The shoe is too small, _not the right bride at all!” (Grimms 85). The Prince saw her feet, and go back to her house. The Prince saw Cinderella and tried to put on shoe, but her stepmother and two daughters were stopping them. The Prince was close to Cinderella and tried to put shoe on. The shoe fitted on her feet. The wish bird acclaimed “There they go, there they go! No blood on her shoe; The shoe’s not too small, The right bride is she after all” (Grimms

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