Comparison Of Confucian And Taoist Styles Of Leadership

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In this paper I will begin to describe and analyzing the similarities and differences between Confucian and Taoist styles of leadership. These two main ideas are closing related in different ways but yet these two are different key concepts that are also different from each other. These are both types of religion, if one is not used in a sentence the other one is probably being used.
I will be talking about each of these terms of styles that are forms of leadership separately. Then I will be taking both terms and talking about their similarities and differences. After I talk about both forms of leadership I will discuss each quote that was given on the assignment handout. Lastly, I will discuss the questions that have been provided for us to use. Also, throughout the paper I will have statements or remarks from the reading. From the textbook called ____________________ by Ciulla, there is two quotes that she has put into the textbook which refers back to a key point. …show more content…

They are both types of religion and a philosophy of China.
Also, the Confucian and Taoist styles of leadership have lots in common but they still have some things that are different from one another. _________________________
Confucian and Taoist are both forms of leadership and share the same assumptions about the importance of maintaining balances of network of leadership. At the same time both of these styles of leadership has some differences such as_________________________
Confucian is a style of leadership that is based out of China. Their place of worship is in a temple and their practices is to visit a temple to pay it forward to the gods and to

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