Comparing The Movie Version Of The Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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In the movie version of the Cormac McCarthy's the Road. There are several themes that are portrayed in the film such as destruction, death, isolation as well as survival. Some catastrophic events have led to swiping out of innocent lives in the movie. Eve cities are adversely destroyed; plant life and animals are gone. Civilization is also negatively affected with lots of chaos in place. Wherever the man and the boy move to, they find houses that have no roofs while some of them are rotting due to heavy rains and wind.
There are earthquakes too that shake the ground which ends up freezing the normal conditions. In the movie, the boy and the man continue with the journey while hiding and staying on the move so that they cannot be seen by other people. There is less food; this makes people engage in strange activities like cannibalism and stealing. This according to me is a low point for any human being, since such can make them choose the very basic animal instincts where only the strongest individuals survive while others perish.
In the new version of the movie what really stood out is that both the man and the boy try to isolate themselves since they are always on the lookout while traveling. They are …show more content…

This represents a wrong move, even the presence of a carelessly dumped cans full of foods would reveal the same. The movie also illustrates the lack of ability to light a fire mainly because someone might see the smoke. There is much hunger too since many of them would go for several days without eating something. Most of their meals consist of beans packed up in cans. There are times that the boy becomes sick due to fever, but the man does not have medication that cures the boy. Later the man, too, becomes sick with a fever while coughing out of blood, even with such limitations, they still continue with the tough journey. The man then really succumbs just like other who died a long time

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