Paper Towns Book Vs Movie

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Gonzalo Torres
ENC 1101
Paper Towns “What I really want from an adaptation is to feel the feelings I felt while reading the book, right?” (John Green). Paper Towns directed by Jake Schreier is a 2015 release, starring the actors Natt Wolf and the model/ actress Cara Delevinge, tells the story of Quentin Jacobsen (Natt Wolf) and Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevinge). This movie is the chronicle of Quentin Jacobsen and how he has spent his life up till then loving Margo who was his front door neighbor from afar without being capable of telling her how he feels. So one night after she crawls into his bedroom looking for his help for a vengeful adventure, he goes to her aid.The next morning, Quentin looks for Margo and she is gone. Quentin …show more content…

In the movie as well there are many parts that are changed from the book. Of course, this may happen in many movies, but the writers from this movie took it to a whole new level. One of the things that are changed in the book is the timeline in which all of these events occur. Making this film very “fake” compared to the original book. In the movie they make the road trip to find Margo just days before prom, making it very possible for them to skip it. While in the book, prom has already happened and what they are actually skipping is the graduation. They leave just before the graduation starts making not only the starting point of the film wrong but the whole story in a completely different timeline. This is what makes the writers of the film have to add stuff to the movie that never actually happened in the book, in order to make the film more like the book. One example of this may be like the scene of the t-shirts that is changed. In the movie Ben, (Quentin 's friend) drops some pee, on the t-shirt of Radar (another friend of Quentin which was also on the road trip), which makes them take a stop in order to get some new shirts for Radar and Ben. While in the book, the three of them had a promise with Quentin and it was that they would go naked under their robes for graduation but since they never actually went to graduation they, had to get some clothes because they were naked under their cap and gown making them have to make a pit stop in order to get

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