Comparing The Work Of Harriet Tubman And Cesar Chavez

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How much work does it take for someone to stand up for human rights? How brave do they have to be to do it? Three individuals were strong and took that stand. Harriet Tubman helped many slaves escape to freedom, Patrisse Cullors helped stand up for black human rights, and Cesar Chavez got better conditions for people working in farm labor. They all stood up for human rights in a non-violent way because they were experiencing what was happening and were brave enough to do so. Harriet Tubman was a strong and amazing women who was brave enough to take a stand and get many slaves to freedom. She knew that there was a better life in freedom and after seeing her family and herself in bad situations she knew she had help other, “Physical violence …show more content…

He tried everything in his power to make a difference in the world and give people a new hope in life for example, “He dedicated his life to promoting non-violent approaches to labor reform, with strikes and boycotts, marches and fasts, victories and defeats” Cesar was a leader also, who inspired many people in the world and taught them different views in life, “But through it all, Cesar learned and taught others how commitment and sacrifice can set you free from the constraints imposed by depending entirely on money and material things.” He was a great person in the world and took a great chance to make a difference, “He was a unique and humble leader, as well as a great humanitarian and communicator who influenced and inspired millions of Americans from all walks of life.” Cesar Chavez was a brave person who went through a lot of failures but turned out on top at the …show more content…

She was a courageous women who used the internet and other people to make her opinion in the world stand out, “Building a powerful movement for racial equality, courageously reigniting a global conversation around state violence and racism” She worked with many other people who also went through the same thing she went through in her life, “She formed close connections with other young, queer, woman who were dealing with the challenges of poverty and being Black and Brown in the USA.” When she started Black Lives Matter she never thought her organization would spread so much but it ended up making a bigger impact than she thought, “Black Lives Matter has since grown to an international organization with dozens of chapters” Patrisse Cullors didn’t know how much of an impact she would make when she started but she made a huge impact in the world and helped change people’s

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