Comparision Of Clitoria Ternatea Plant

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Chemicals and plant material:
MgCl2.6H2O , NaOH, HCl and C2H5OH were of analytical grade was (Merck and Himedia) used without further treatment and the plant was collected from Ramapuram village of Chittoor district,Andhra Pradesh,India. The Clitoria ternatea plant is as shown in (Fig.1). Fig.1 Clitoria ternatea

Preparation of whole plant extract of Clitoria ternatea:
Whole plant of Clitoria ternatea was washed with tap water and again washed thoroughly with double distilled water for three times and shade dried for about 7 days. Thoroughly dried plant was cut into pieces and made fine powder. 5 grams of fine powder was taken in 100 ml of (70% ethanol : 30% water) and stirred for 4 days. The extract was filtered through Whatman No 1 filter paper and supernatant collected was stored at 40C for further nanoparticles synthesis process.
Comparision of Magnesium Oxide nanoparticles synthesis by green and chemical routes :
Chemical synthesis:
MgCl2 hexahydrate (50mM) and NaOH (2M) solutions were prepared using deionised water from millipore water purification system. Precipitation was induced by drop-wise addition of NaOH into the MgCl2 hexahydrate solution under continuous stirring for few minutes.
The precipitated solution contains Mg(OH)2 which acts as precursor of MgO was centrifuged at 10,000 rpm for 10minutes and washed with 70% ethanol to remove impurities and pellet form was calcinated at 100-3000C to get the powder form of MgO.The

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