World War 1 Comparison To Ww2

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Comparison between ww1 and ww2 World War 1 The first world war was started in 1914 and ended in 1918, this was also the first war ever fought on such a large scale in the history of Man kind .it involved thirty-one nations from five different continent. Causes of the war The causes of the war was Extreme nationalism, Armaments race, Alliance System , Economic and colonial conflicts as Britain became the most powerful nation in the world other European powers ,such as France and Germany , also speeded up their industrialization . The attitudes of Britain and Germany towards each other’s colonial expansion was negative .In many cases ,European powers had an interest in establishing colonies in the same place ,this led to conflicts among them , For example , France quarreled with Italy and Germany in north Africa. Britain quarreled with Germany in west Asia and Africa. All these conflicts …show more content…

The second world war covers much larger land than the first world war , Although Italy was a victorious power . it was unhappy with the Paris peace settlement. It joined the Allied power in the first world war because they promised to give it some land. However , Italy failed to get what it wanted at the Paris peace conference . The discontent of the Germans and the Italians with the Paris peace settlement paved the way for the outbreak of the second world war . This is why many historians believe that the second world war was a continuation of the first world war .in 1919, Mussolini formed a political party called the fascist party . in October 1922, Mussolini seized powers and later declared himself as the leader of Italy. He banned all other political parties except the fascist party and followed an expansionist foreign policy Mussolini’s aggression finally led Italy into second world war

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