Competitive Cheerleading Persuasive Essay

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Most people view cheerleading as twenty four girls in skimpy uniforms who know basic cheers along with rhythmic stomps and claps, but this is not entirely the case. Cheerleading involves an athleticism unlike any other sport or physical activity. While some people say competitive cheerleading is too unmethodical and muddled to be considered a sport, it actually meets all the criteria to be considered one. Competitive cheerleading is physically demanding, competitive, and regulated. Although competitive cheerleading meets all the components of a sport, some people still see it as merely an athletic activity. The United States district judge, Stefan Underhill, deemed "competitive cheerleading [as] too underdeveloped and disorganized to be truly considered a sport" ("Pom-Pom shake up"). Current Events student reporter, Alexis Brindley, supports the Judge's…show more content…
That is simply not true. A cheerleader's goal, alike any other sport, is to be the best of the best. Cheerleaders compete for a title, and they work hard to get what they want. Competitions are intense, as cheerleaders warm up along side of an opponent, and compete one after another. Preparing to step on the competition floor, "kids [fight] the mounting tension. Some [retch]; others [clasp] hands in prayer" (Campo-Flores). They compete for a score based on level of difficulty and execution. The tighter the flyer, and the more in-sync the higher the score. Just as a football, baseball, or basketball team would prepare for a game; cheerleading requires repetitive practices day in and day out to prepare the squad for competitions. Therefore a cheerleader's main goal is to compete, and that is a major component of a
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