Comparison Of The Mac And PC (PC)

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There are many times when one catches himself/herself trying to decide on which computer system they would like to purchase; whether it’s a new consumer or old consumer of computer systems. Choosing a computer system can be easy for some and difficult for others. When it comes to computer systems, there are many different systems. For example, we have Toshiba, Macintosh, Personal Computer, Dell, and many other different computer systems. Computers are used for many reasons such as school, business, social network, and gaming. However, the two current most popular computers in today’s world are the Macintosh (Mac) and the Personal Computer (PC). For one to determine which is the best computer out of the Mac and PC, depends on the preference …show more content…

Both the Mac and PC have top of the line operating systems that overlooks all operations of the computers. The Mac is known to use the Operation System X (OS X) as its main operation system, while the PC uses Microsoft Windows as its main operating system. The Mac can work just like a PC and run Microsoft Windows as well. However, a PC cannot run Mac’s OS X, because Apple does not allow the use of outside operation systems (Komando, 2000). That means Mac is compatible to PC files, while PC is not compatible to Mac files. Choosing of a Mac or PC is going to depend the user’s intent. Choosing the right operation system can be easy for the more experienced computer user, but can be very confusing to the unexperienced computer users. But at the end of the day, the computer operating system is going to come down to the user preference.
In addition to operating systems, another factor that is important to consider when choosing between a Mac or a PC is hardware. Although the PC and Mac operate on different operating systems, they have similar hardware. Both PC and Mac have hard drives, CPUs, in-built integrated card readers, and CD/DVD drives.

The ultimate question for a computer user is which computer system is a better fit. The ultimate answer for that user is that the best computer system in the world is the computer that fits that user. Although Mac and PC have some similar functions, they also have very different

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