Confederacy Rising Again

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Letter to the Editor, Your article regarding Where the Confederacy Is Rising Again, was an intriguing article due to the interviews which took place within. The individuals who were interviewed each grasped an opinion which differed from one another, as well as partial correspondence regarding some factors which played into the perspective of each interviewee. Collecting data on constructed viewpoints which differ from one another made this article more compelling as a reader because of the controversy concerning the topic. The symbolization in which the Confederate flag clasps as well as its substructure is the primary basis for the controversy over the matter. Gathering citizens of the state to convey their judgment helped when being the reader because it gave more insight to the background of the …show more content…

Berlanga on the other hand, retained a divergent attitude concerning slavery. The history book “TEKS” did not obtain the full statistics through the course of the Revolution. Considering the Revolution is a notable era in the United States, every constituent should be indicated with genuine historical accuracy. Ku Klux Klan, Sharecropping, and Black Codes were three vital components that regarded slavery were not mentioned in this history text. I agree that the exclusion of the matter is deceiving to history and those who assimilate this history of the United States. On the opposite side of the political spectrum, Republican Don McElroy, viewed the exclusion of these factors as an accomplished intention. McElroy presumed that those three elements of slavery were biased. Although the preeminent plan was to incorporate un-biased information, each of them occurred in history and contributed to slavery. I do not agree with McElroy. In fact, these components should not have been considered biased considering each of them did occur. McElroy and Toungate seem to share biased views about

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