Confederate Flag Argumentative Essay

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How many soldiers died for the confederate flag? One thousand, ten thousand? Over twenty two thousand brave soldiers died in battle for the confederate flag, and many people want to pretend that it has never happened by erasing all trace of the confederacy. This past July a twenty one year old open fired on a African Methodist church, in total nine black people died. This resparked the everlasting debate, is the confederate flag a flag of history or hate. Some believe that it is a flag of hate and want it taken down from the state house but, I believe that the confederacy is a flag of history, symbolizing the many people who died in the civil war and proud southern culture, and should remain flying.
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There weak argument is that the flag symbolizes hate and discrimination. They say that many racist people and groups use it, so it is a hate mechanism. Supports of the flag being taken down want try and erase the history of slavery and the civil war. I reject that the flag symbolizes hate and discrimination. So many people lost their lives for the flag and we are supposed to ingrown that? In addition, they want to make it look like slavery never happened by demolishing every tiny trace of it. Slavery is part of our past and will never be covered up. If we overlook this history will repeat itself; as a whole country we should learn, and move on from this. These reasons and countless more, make it easy to see that the confederate flag is a flag of history.
I conclude that the confederacy is a flag of history, symbolizing the southern culture and the civil war. This is evident by the confederate flag being a symbol of the south, the civil war, and a memory to all those who look at it. This debate, I hope, will end soon when people understand that the confederate flag is a true flag of history. I hope everyone who reads this know without doubt what the confederate flag symbolizes. I encourage everyone to convince others what the truth of the confederate flag is, a memory of those heroic soldiers that died for the confederate

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