Confederation During The 1800's

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1. a) Confederation was the goal of many prominent politicians during the mid 1800’s. What did they hope to achieve and why? a lot of canadian politicians wanted to get all the territories in canada and the goal was to make a country. But because of all the wars that the british french and the first nations people fighting for the land a lot of people from all sides at time people still had treated their enemies in a bad way. The canadian government wanted to create a big country because they thought that if they create a country with a lot of people they thought that they would be a powerful and a strong nation. Canadian government started the whole idea because they wanted to to create peace with other nations because they thought that if other nations would get weapons and other utilities the fighting for the territory would happen again. …show more content…

Explain the significance of each of these factors. red river resistance disagreements with each other everyone still had old memories of the war and they would say that they won 't wanna live in the same country politicians had different ideas to do with their nation than the other politicians people that live in the area would maybe not agree with what the political would think Louis riel was another person that was standing against the canadian

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