Corballis Use Of Ethos In Julius Caesar

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Is spoken language really a superior option of communication over gesture? From Hand to Mouth; Michael C. Corballis uses many examples to show why communication through spoken language is better than gesture. Corballis uses the appeals of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos to effect his readers. Ethos is a strategy that uses ethics and the establishment of credibility. Logos reaches someone’s mind with logical arguments and with clear structure. Pathos paints vivid descriptions in the readers mind using figurative language and personal anecdotes. These appeals were used successfully because he used logical and clear arguments, established credibility, and painted a vivid image in the readers mind. These techniques made the essay easier to understand. …show more content…

Another example of Corballis using a trusted theory is when he says “Evidence suggest that the vocal machinery necessary for autonomous speech developed quite recently in hominid evolution” (42). Although Corballis’ uses Jared Diamond as a source in the form of Ethos, it can used as Logos as well. He is using an established fact from a respected author to further verify his point. The author references the Shakespeare play “Julius Caesar” when Mark Antony bellows “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears”. Corballis is making a claim that not only speech itself is important, but the tone in which the speech is in is imperative. Mark Antony was attracting attention to himself as well as make a strong point. Here the author uses a historical analogy and literary reference to get his point across. This is an example of Logos because Corballis references Charles Darwin in his statement that “We might have used our fingers as efficient instruments” (46). Here the author is addressing the opposing argument …show more content…

Corballis, there are uses of Pathos which appeals to emotion. Although Pathos is not greatly valued in academic writing, Corballis finds ways to make use of it in his essay. Corballis states that Russell Gray suggested that when children click their fingers when putting their hands up in class may be a “missing link” between gestural and vocal language (45). Here the author paints a vivid image of a child who is in their earlier years of school attempting to be acknowledged by the teacher by attempting to use a gesture to communicate. Although this is an example of Pathos, this can also be Logos because Corballis is using a literal analogy to get his point across. Corballis uses Pathos to reach to the audience emotionally and Logos because it is a trusted

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