What Are The Main Core Values Of Relationships

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In most relationships there are both beliefs and values, however in all relationships there should be what is known as the “main/core” beliefs in a relationship. These beliefs and values come from both religion, culture and the media. Your core values are the values you have learnt your whole life and will stay with you for a very long time. It is these values that teach us to say please and thank you, they also teach us that everyone is different and that we don’t all have the same idea’s and that it is sometimes good to put your ideas to one side and listen to what your partner has to say. Another core aspect of a relationship is the way that an argument of fight is handled between couples because if one side of the relationship is abusive …show more content…

And many teens have been exposed to social media platforms such as twitter which can enable then to socially interact with other people and see what is been done in the other person’s life. However many platform users post blogs/tweets about their relationships and how they have been going, and what is the latest news. And many teens will see this as a way in which they can use social media as a sort of “role model” for their relationships. This may lead to teens trying to influence their relationships based on how social media defines a relationship. However sometimes social media can be used to show our younger generations how a relationship should be and how people can stand up for their rights in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately it also exposes them to many bad or inappropriate things which they may lead to them thinking that abuse/rape/assault is ok and makes you look like you are tough. And this proves that due to the easy access to social media many …show more content…

However relationships shouldn’t be steered by social media and media as a whole, as many couples are changing their relationship styles to fit in with that they are watching. For example when I was in a relationship we would try to act and do as all the other couples we were doing because we didn’t want to look like we didn’t fit in and were socially awkward, however this ultimately lead to the demise of the relationship as we found that we were not happy doing what everyone else wanted us to do. This means that many of us are following what we see other people doing as we want to look like we fit in. And many people will see the latest relationship style that their favourite celebrity is involved with and copy them as they feel pressured to make it seem as though their relationship is working, instead of having a face to face talk about the real issue that is staring them in the face. Many couples end up always trying to get the relationship photo that looks “right” and this can stop a couple from living in the moment and tis can arouse to jealousy as your significant other may star thinking that you are no longer interested in him/her and are more interested in spending time on your phone or taking selfies for another

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