Coyle's The Talent Code

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The Talent Code is written by Daniel Coyle, in this book Daniel Coyle tried to make it so the readers would remember what they were reading. He did this by repeating himself a lot throughout the book so you were always reading the same thing without realizing it. Another way he made this happen was he used real life examples with people that we would recognize the name so you could connect the information. Another thing that helped was when he was getting information from different places it was all similar to each other. I think Daniel Coyle did a good job making it so the readers would remember what they read. "Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it" (Laurence J. Peter). This quote relates to the talent code in many ways. One reason I think this quote relates to the book is because at the beginning of the book you 're informed …show more content…

Another thing that made the book easier to remember was that he didn 't just study the same subject the whole time. He chose different people to watch and get information from so you knew that the information would be reliable if it didn 't all just come from one subject. An example of this from the book would be when he chose to study more than just one tennis player. It was smart of him to choose a group with twenty really good tennis players so he could watch them practice and see how long each day they would practice. Daniel Coyle choosing different people to study was helpful to the readers because if he got the same information from each player than the readers know that the information he received must be correct. He didn’t only study tennis players, he also studied pianists and people who play chess. What he was trying to find out was what each person did while they were practicing and how long they had to practice each day to become as good as they were. “Talent hotbeds are to primal cues what Las Vegas is to neon signs, flashing with the kind of signals that keep motivation

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