Creon Is The Traitor In Antigone

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In Antigone’s defense, she was only following the laws that were put in place by the god and goddesses. These laws are the highest of authority than any law set by a mortal. One of these laws set by the gods and goddesses was that everyone’s body, no matter who was to be buried. In contrast to the gods, Creon has set a law stating that nobody can bury the body of Polynices because he was titled as a traitor. Therefore, the law set by Creon is overruled by the gods’ law and Antigone did nothing wrong by burring Polynices even if Creon said he’s a traitor. Now some may say that Antigone’s simply should not have buried Polynices, but as stated before; the laws of the gods’ and goddesses’ are above all others. In addition to this, there are

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