Crime Scene Reconstruction Research Paper

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A Journey through college into Crime Scene Reconstruction
While I’m in Chaffey College I will finish my Administration of Justice for Transfer (AS-T). I really just need two more courses from the list B which I am currently taking and also I will need to finish with my general education requirements. I can take classes that are going to be must for a Crime Scene reconstruction investigator which is also called a Forensic Science Technician. The courses that I am need to take are chemistry, biology, physics, statistics, math, and of course writing skills classes because to be a forensic technician I need to have a bachelor’s degree. I do not need to complete both majors sheet I can just finish my AJ course and when I transfer to San Jose State
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Which lens do I use for when there’s a crime scene. For crime – scene photography there are basic guidelines one should follow in order to get the perfect photo in different situations. Like you do not want to go all crazy taking pictures at things that are not important and also you do not want to take pictures in different places and not remember which photo belong into which location of the crime scene. When taking a photographs of the scene in logical sequence, “ this means that the crime scene should include the area in which the crime actually took place and all adjacent areas where important acts occurred...” ( Saferstein 59). For example, when you see a bullet shell on the kitchen floor and blood spatter near the refrigerator and you do not have a ruler you must take a picture of the bullet shell and the blood stain using a bigger ( larger) object that you know the size of it so that in the lab they can determine what kind of gun was used. The very first pictures the photographer will take is the overview which is the whole place and then from there they will take a medium-range, close-up photographs of evidence that is visible. All of this is an important step so that the investigator can reconstruct the crime scene with every small detained photo. After you have taken the photographs that you need you must also do a crime scene sketch so that they have a “map” of where the victim was located, bullets, knifes or any other weapon that was use during the
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