Crispin's Short Story 'All The Cats In The World'

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Relationships are strange. As we all know, everyone has a relationship with at least someone. Usually, people change in the process of the relationship, as they start to adapt to the real features of it. However, people can have different types of changes. We can have a negative or positive impact on the person we have a relationship with. For example, people can gain courage, as the person with them does something courageous. We can just say that when people are in a relationship, each person impacts each other in one way or another, positive or not. Some examples are provided from the book Crispin and some short stories. In the short story, All the Cats in the World, (Sonita Leviten) there is an old lady named Mikila who has a group of…show more content…
In the beginning, Crispin had no idea who he was, and what he was. “ As for me, I felt, as I often did, ashamed. It was as if I contained an unnamed sin that made me less than nothing in their eyes.” (pg 3, Crispin) As you can see, here, Crispin doesn’t know who he is, what he is, or if he should even be alive. He doubts himself and thinks that he is something that is terrible. A similar fate meets the author in Initiation. The author has no friends, and she isn’t sure on what to do. Up to this point in my life, I had never stolen anything. I lived with my grandparents, and I knew they would be disappointed in me if I ever got caught stealing.” The dilemma is that the author wants to find herself, to fit in, but the problem is that another girl named Tiffany is testing her to see if she can fit in, and to fit in, she has to do things that are not very nice. However, in the end, she realizes that Tiffany is not good enough for her, and that she should do what her grand parents would want her to do. “I had bought and thought about the decision that I had made. Then I smiled, because I knew it was the right one.” In Crispin, in the end, Bear helps Crispin find who he is. “What’s more, I knew that feeling to be my newfound soul, a soul that lived in freedom. And my name- I knew with all my heart-was Crispin.”(pg 297)Here we can see that both of the characters changed, because of someone they knew. They
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