Simply Casual Analysis

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An analysis of “Simply Casuals” by James Huxham Media and Society I – Assignment 2 James Huxham SOC105B09 Bishop 's University Today 's analysis will speak of the work entitled “Simply casuals” by James Huxham. In this critical analysis, we will discuss media literacy concepts and how they allow us to deconstruct the work both after its creation and in anticipation of its creation. It is important to consider the concepts of media literacy to be able to understand the reach that certain media can have as well as the different possible interpretation of audience might have on said media. In a world where we are surrounded by media as well as strongly influenced by it, the reflection on the creation of a media allows us to develop …show more content…

The joyous scene could be used as an advertisement for the bar, as a social media post for the girl to document her nice evening or even a memory of a good night. The dangerous scene could be used as a sensitizing campaign for young women going out or to show the young girl the potential danger she put herself into and the imminent danger interpretation could fuel movements in favor or helping young girls realized the realities present in a bar scene. These potential uses help us understand that “media messages contain social and political implications” and that this particular media is helpful in illustrating not one, but several social and political concepts. In society, equality between men and women is something that we thrive towards. There have been numerous initiatives forcing the broad realization that although we may think that men and women are equal, firmly believe this to be true would be quite foolish. The analysis of the pictures makes us realize that if this had been a picture of a man at the bar, its interpretation would have been completely different and the sense of potential danger almost completely eliminated. It is also interesting to consider the feeling of safety that we lean towards in our society. When going out, to bars, or to other public scenes, we tend to think that nothing bad is going to happen and tend to behave in ways that could be too liberal and disregard our personal safety. This media could make us come to the conclusion that we are too comfortable and that we should question our behaviors more then we tend too. Many politic initiatives have been put in place to reduce the number of sexual assaults on University campuses and keeping your drink close to you and in your sight at all times is one of

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