Critical Analysis Of William Somerset Maugham

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William Somerset Maugham the popular English fiction writer of the twentieth century, wrote many novels, plays short stories, and marked his excellence as most eminent writer of Modern age in English history. Various features of his fictions drew attention of the critics and readers, which offered entertainment including the serious issues of human life, for that matter it resulted in being popular fiction of the time.
The critics discussed his works with the advantage to explore the qualities of writer as well as to point out the flaws of his work and analyzed diverse features of his writing skills. The critics discovered many themes along with stylistic features of his novels in plays and short stories. Maugham has a range of production in various genres and experimented with writing skills. Therefore the literature review consists of the critic’s opinion on his writing style and themes; it talks about those critiques which stressed on Maugham’s misogyny or feminist traits. The review contains some critical assessments of the primary text from different dimensions.
Maugham among his contemporaries was the only one who “praised highly and condemned completely” by his critics (Jonas 21). In his life span, he suffered the rejection of critics and enjoyed their higher admiration. The reason which added glamor to his writing and led him to popularity was contradictory criticism, throughout his life he faced multiple assessments in response to literary efforts. Critics like
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