How Does August Wilson Create Tension In Fences

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Fences Playwrights pass relevant information to their viewers through the plays which they create. Viewers must be keen to acquire valuable lessons. Otherwise, they may miss some critical components which would have a positive impact on their development. August Wilson’s “Fences” is an example of a play which passes vital awareness on some of the critical issues which affect the society. The play addresses the issue of racism and how this element creates oppression to the African Americans who struggle to earn a living. The audience notes that the oppression Black people face has some influence on family relationships and this further shows how the film enlightens on the effects of racism. One …show more content…

Major characters such as Troy and his son Cory dominate the major parts of the play compared to the roles female actors take. A good example is where a tussle develops between the two when Cory wants to join the major league while his father forces him to pursue the job at a local enterprise (Washington). The tension creates evident clashes between the father and son and this becomes apparent when Troy refuses to attend a match where his son plays at the college. The weak relationship between the two (Troy and Cory) which extends into the play dominates the production which forces viewers to focus on the actions of these …show more content…

Jim appears most of the times while in the company of Troy because the two serve in the same station. He is quite older compared to Troy and comes out as a wise person based on the constant advice he gives the protagonist while they are in jail, and when they work in the same industry. The play also pays attention to Gabriel who despite his sickness engages in a series of unlawful acts which lands him in jail but later returns to a psychiatric institution. The story of Gabriel evokes pity from viewers who acquire the view of how black people strived to earn a living during the time when white’s dominance denied African-Americans the chance to become successful. The audience, nevertheless, acquires the lesson that a health complication should not pin someone down, especially when they have the strength to try their best. Viewers also get to learn about Lyons who is Troy’s Son from a former relationship. Lyons comes out as a person who engages in fraudulent deals, but even though his intrigues cause some interest in the show, his life ends on a sad note because he goes to jail after participating in

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