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The State of Mental Health in the Racialized minority communities in Canada
Crooks, V. A., Hynie, M., Killian, K., Giesbrecht, M., & Castleden, H. (2011). Female newcomers ' adjustment to life in Toronto, Canada: Sources of mental stress and their implications for delivering primary mental health care. GeoJournal, 76(2), 139-149. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10708-009-9287-4

Crooks et al highlights that there is a correlation between stress and mental health caused by various social determinants related to migration to Canada. The researchers investigated the experiences of female new comers in Toronto and their use and non-use of the health care system. The study was longitudinal so that efficient data would be acquired. Thirty-five …show more content…

However, pre-migratory social determinants have had a negative effect on the mental health of some immigrants. The research also shows that not many individuals from Latin America use the health facilities and there is a correlation between their non-use and their language barriers. Finally they posited that more research needs to be done on the mental health of Latino immigrants in Canada. However, it must reflect the diverse nature of the growing Latino population and not limited to one group like the literature …show more content…

The writer posited further that globally there are always disparities between host countries and immigrants as it relates to mental health. Canadian immigrants are least likely to get sick as compared to their global counterparts because of the stringent immigration policies here. The writer suggests further that social determinants both pre and post-migration plays a key role in the mental health of for immigrants in Canada in a both negative and positive way. The writer long with a team conducted a peer review on academics resources on mental health problems within the IRER communities. Over 1600 were perused covering depression suicide conduct disorder and mental illness amongst the IRER population. The literature review highlighted that most of the research was done in three provinces and three major cities. It identified that depression was most studied. The depression rate was low amongst economic immigrants but high for refugees. The mental health state of the various immigrants groups were wide-ranging. However, the groups were lumped together regardless of their varying culture backgrounds. The conclusion was that more specific research needs to done to address the diverse immigrant populations because the current is too limited to

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