Essay On Immigration And Xenophobia

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Immigration and Xenophobia has been a huge issue since the beginning of the founding of Canada. This report is going to walk through the history of immigration in Canada and the discrimination that was afflicted on them, then relate those issues to present day. After that we look at the laws and policies that have been put in place to (repay) them back from what happened to them. Then look at how we can be a positive change and be part of the reconciliation. Immigration in Canada is one of the core values, it has been since almost the founding of Canada. The way that Canada grew in population during the early years, even France had a way of populating Canada. When we established colonies and new cities, they were all people that were from Great Britain and France. The British and French treated the native people as a second class person. The First Nations did not have the same rights and privileges as the newcomers to Canada. The government of Canada…show more content…
The main revised law was simplification of immigration applications. With these new laws, it became possible to process immigration applications faster, and the inconvenience has been greatly resolved.(CTV news, 2008) On June 11, 2008, Stephen Harper on behalf of the Canadian government, apology to Aboriginal peoples in Canada about the abuse, hardship, residential school, and compulsory assimilation.(Canadian encyclopedia, 2015) In 2001, Canada replaced its 1976 Immigration Act with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, after the 09/11 terror in the USA. (Canadian encyclopedia, 2015)
Canada's commitment to these immigrants, new immigration policies, and communication and care between immigrants show Canada's steady immigration rate and strong economic power each year. Canada has also become a country where different cultures, languages and races coexist and harmonize thanks to immigrants from different
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