Internment In Canada

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Making Canada great Again From 1942-1949 the Canadian government was responsible for the cruel internment of Japanese citizens in Canada. Ever since the first sailor Manzo-Nagano arrived in New Westminster, BC Japanese have experienced prejudice. Early BC settlers were extremely conscious of there ethnic origin and were extremely concerned with the racial origins of immigrants, they became obsessed with eliminating “undesirables” and as a result passed laws preventing them from voting, working in mines and other government funded projects. On Dec 7th 1941, Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor killing 2403 Americans, 22,000 Japanese Canadians were disposed of there property and belongings and were evicted to various internment camps. The definition of a just society is that everyone has equal rights regardless of gender race. During WWII treatment of Japanese Canadians was unjust. Regardless of Japanese not being seen as security threats they were still majorly discriminated against. After the Japanese forced the surrender of the British garrison in Hong Kong and the Pearl Harbor attack, fears of a Japanese invasion was anticipated, the RCMP impounded 1,200 fishing boats, shut down …show more content…

On Feb, 24th 1942, Prime Minister William Lyon Makenzie King issued a number of orders-in-council to force them back to Japan or disperse them Far East of the Rockies. Considering they were not being seen as threats to the country, to issue such an outrageous order-in-council for no apparent reason Is simply a racist act that 's should be seen as unjust. Ten days later they trained Japanese down to Hastings park where they were put in animal stalls, dehumanized and inadequately fed. To do this to another person who has done nothing but have a different pigmentation is sick nothing Japanese Canadians did led them to deserve

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