Differences And Similarities Between The Cubs, And The Chicago Cubs

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The Saint Louis Cardinals, and the Chicago Cubs, is one of the biggest rivalry 's in all of baseball, and all of sports. The two teams first met in 1885 in the World Series, and this is before the leagues were divide up, teams were put in to divisions. There are many differences between the two teams, but there also many similarities.
The first similarity between the two, is they are both very competitive. Every time they play each other, it 's going to be a good game. Both stadiums sell out. Prices for food, drinks, or merchandise go up, and people always get to watch a good game. Hitters get a lot of hits, and pitchers get a lot of outs. Every year it could be an interesting matchup like in 1998 when Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa where …show more content…

Since 1926 the Cardinals have won eleven World Series, and they make the playoffs just about every year. The last time the Cubs have won a World Series was 1908, they only won it twice, and there are many theories on why the Cubs have not won it since like the Billy goat curse.
Another difference is the teams mascots. The Cardinals mascot is a cardinal named Fredbird which was introduced on April 6, 1979. The Cardinals have a second mascot called the rally squirrel, which showed up in the middle of a postseason game which the cardinals were losing, and after that they won the game, and went on to win the World Series. The Cubs mascot is a brown bear named Clark who was introduced on January 13,2014, and is known for wearing a backwards hat, and greeting fans.
The final difference between the two is the coach 's. The Cardinals coach Mike Matheny was a former player for the cardinals. He started coaching in 2012 the year after the Cardinals won the World Series, and he lead them to one World Series, and many postseason appearances. The Cubs coach Joe Maddon started his coaching career with the California Angels, but got his first head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Rays, and made one World Series appearance with the team. He started to coach the Cubs in 2015, and has made the postseason with the

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