Cultural Changes In The 1930s Essay

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The 1920s to late 1930s were a very controversial. A lot changed and flipped back and forth. The 1920s were full of cultural change. We were very conservative and people wanted change. After the stock market crash the government want to help bring Americans out of the gutter with the bad economy. To do this they created things like the welfare system and Social Security to try and make a change. New people came to light to help end The Great Depression.
The 1920’s were the start of a new era after WWI. This was part of the jazz era which was essential to the “rebellion” of that time period, mainly with women. Women were fighting for their right to vote and to prove themselves they went and broke the lady like stereotypes. These were referred to to as flappers. They were part of the big cultural change of the 20s. Also religion was a major player throughout the country in this time period. Prohibition was one of the results of this, we decided that alcohol was a sin and that we should ban it from consumption. This caused crime rates to go up and created gangs and the mafia. They eventually went and removed the constitutional ban. Another religious effect …show more content…

This was a major stock market crash that many people got caught in. Banks were a reason that this became such a major issue, they got caught up in borrowed in stocks and money lost and went bankrupt. Failing crops in the midwest because of drought One out of every 4 people were homeless and that only begins to describe how bad this time period became for Americans. People were struggling to make ends meet and not being able to find a decent job didn’t help. Companies started laying big amounts of people off so they could make ends meet themselves. President Hoover was a very hands off government type of President, however when things become that bad the government needs to help. Eventually they established many things to boost the

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