Medi-Cult Case Study

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Customer Oriented Pricing BUS 5112: Marketing Management University of the People Introduction Medi-Cult is a Danish-based biotechnology company which manufactures and develops cell culture media for worldwide distribution with the sole aim of fertilizing eggs within a short period of time without having any adverse side/negative effect on women. In this case analysis, it focuses mainly on customer-oriented pricing exercises. Russ Winer from New York University brings our attention to a new development in bio-medical science which significantly reduced the time needed to mature an egg from 30 days to just 21 days. These products are In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and the new alternative is In Vitro Maturation (IVM). The sources of economic value for IVM which is the new product, and IVF the existing product will be critically examined. The second task is to determine the type of person/couple that would be willing to pay for a cycle of IVM. This will be best answered under market segmentation. Then what price will be paid for a circle of IVM. This segment will be answered by utilizing a pricing strategy which is put in place by the organization. In determining the…show more content…
The Five forces: attribute of organization forces lies on the advantage one has against the other. The other force is the rivalry in terms of supplier power, this is the degree of influence one had against the other IVM which has 2 -3 years supply advantage over IVF. The market worth of IVF is $1billion worldwide. Then to consider the buyers purchasing power, who are the categories of those that can guard the price. IVF is lower in cost to IVM, medium price per dose of IVF is $50 against $500 for IVM. Then comes the threat of substitute which anchors on the availability of substitute and threat of integrations of the
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