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Topic: Frito-Lay Article 1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Frito-Lay. The article showcases the history of Frito-Lay and the purchase from C.E Doolin the recipe and development process of the company. In developing this company he was limited to a small amount of product so he combined to go statewide and worldwide in 1965. This method allowed the owner to broaden his consumer based audience to include global and regional opposed to local grocery store and market within one location which increased his managerial awareness and control. Also, enhances his product because how he had targeted brand. Now these issues caused the first dilemma of limited shelf space due to his products expanding. These products are “Lay’s, …show more content…

Strategies like CRM provide companies with forms of management that allows the customers to have an active role within the company. The active role is indicated by the customers having input or “Free Choice” of their product. They use this information to aid in the marketing process as a form of direct advertisement. This method helps to formulate brands to share information with the customers, tracking devices when acknowledge senior consumers opposed to new consumers. These factors are essential for improving their websites and appeasing the consumers for success! Fritio-Lay developed several incentives; however the one that jumped out at me from their website was the “Frito-Lay ‘Flips Switch’ on Solar Power at Phoenix Facility, which incorporated the right for the customer to take stake in the energy, electricity, utility services that the company provide when making and branding this product for consumer consumption (Frito-Lay Media, 2007).” Another important factor is Frito-Lay offers the customers a wide variety and a method for integrating their knowledge through use of technology by inputting their feedback into a portal for effective communication along with developmental growth. This growth would prove to be a successful trait indicating the company is still making a profitable effort of selling their …show more content…

The factors that are important in addressing the dilemma facing Frito-Lay were the shelf spacing, updating the portal systems, and the customer’s desires changing in regards to eating healthier. The recommendations for shelve spacing would be to implement daily inventory and restock the shelves ensuring the consumers needs and want are fulfilled. In addressing the second dilemma developing a user friendly technology system that is friendlier version form of technology base. This system is where anyone can access for a chance to offer their feedback so their voice can successfully be heard and avoid those who are less technology savvy from shying away from taking a active role within the Frito-Lay Company. The third dilemma if the product is not selling due to the consumers needs or eating habits changing. The recommendation would be to continue to make what the people want by baking the chips, lowering the calories within the products, and reducing the sodium intake within the product. Also, the company can choose to make snack size product so the customer will feel like their needs are still being fulfilled within the Frito-Lay company and their opinion is still valued as a stakeholder when selecting to make a conscious decision for desiring to eat healthier snacks. These methods will eliminate the competitor’s capability from stealing the customers away because they are now opting to eating healthier as

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