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1. Does Zappos effectively focus on stakeholder happiness, and how does this approach affect the ethical culture?
At Zappos, Zappos higher goal is to provide happiness. Whether our customers get a new pair of shoes or perfect clothing, as well as in dealing with friendly customer service representatives when the happiness or their employees to become part of the culture. The Zappos believes employees, customers and their "happy" stakeholders.
They have 10 core values that are at the heart of their culture and business models. Some of them are: build a positive team spirit and family spirit, create fun, a bit weird, communicate with the establishment of open and honest relationships, and provide WOW through the service.
They are focused on
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The value of retail customer service excellence is more important, that it reflects the value of corporate culture, happiness as Zappos success.the company believes that interesting and simple corporate culture combines entrepreneurial opportunities to create a value check that is beyond remuneration.The spirit of simplicity, innovation, and excellence is also extended to Zippo 's inventory and distribution system. Zappos is based on excellent customer service, loyalty, and retention rates, and how to build a Successful business model Zappos core values depend on this culture, action leaders at all levels to strengthen.
3. How has Zappos managed ethical risk, and what are potential ethical risks in the
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Zappos is also different from Warehouse logistics management. The general way to deal with the order is accumulating; the installer does not have to walk too much to complete the shipping task. Because Zappos orders that ship, its storage by 24 hours a day to run. In many cases, Zappos also take the initiative to quietly upgrade the user service, even if the user selected normal delivery by 3-5days, it will be the goods to the user a small surprise next day, which the Zappos build is famous for the "wow experience" the secret. In addition to providing the best service to users, Zappos also treats business partners with the same philosophy, creating a benign and healthy corporate ecosystem centered on
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