Case Study Analysis: Zara Fast Fashion

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Resource based view is the tool that is used in order to evaluate the resources that are important for the organisation to make their performance effective. It is regarded as a significant approach that is used by the organisation towards attainment of competitive advantage. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the resource based view literature and then applying the knowledge on the evaluation of a case study organisation. The selected organisation is Zara Fast Fashion, which is analysed with the help of use of RBV towards achievement of sustainable competitive advantage. The theoretical concepts of the resource-based view is analysed and applied on Zara as a real world example. Resource Based View Literature Finney et al (2008) stated that …show more content…

For that reason, one of the world’s leading retail organisation Zara particularly focus on their organisational resources in order to get the competitive advantage over their competitors. Some of the key organisational resources of Zara are demonstrated below: Market-oriented Strategy However, in the retail industry the competition is very high that is why the customer is considered as a king for them and they have to make them loyal as much as they can for the reason that they will not move to other brands quickly. Moreover, by focussing on customer‘s requirement and likings, reinforced by its operational approaches and Zara shows their assurance towards their precious clients. For that reason the customers of Zara‘s are quite loyal that help them to reach better position in the market (Finney, et al., 2008). Staff-Education It is found that the top officials of Zara are quite keen and focussing on customer service; therefore, the basic requirement to train their employees is one of their topmost importance. However, it is important from the prospect of Zara to train provide adequate training to their employees that would help them to enhance their overall productivity and efficiency to the utmost level (Lockett, et al., …show more content…

For that reason, the top officials of Zara consider this problem at the time of formulating their strategy that will certainly bring encouraging retort from the society regarding their products (Peng, 2008). Production strategy However, due to the increasing competition, Zara applies one of the most advanced strategies that support them to execute their paper plan practically and get the possible competitive advantage over their competitors. It is noted that Zara have team of experts that are able to assess the quality of raw material that help them to take quick action before proceeding it further and it will ultimately assist them to minimise their cost and lead time to some extent (Lockett, et al., 2009). Value chain Furthermore, the Zara‘s global value chain varies from its competitors and it is totally matchless for the reason that their lead time is just about two weeks that is quite encouraging for them to compete with their competitors viably. With the help of effective value chain, it helps them to create new and innovative designs in just two weeks (Finney, et al.,

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