Cycle Of Domestic Violence Essay

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There are many different types of abuse, which include: Physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. No matter the type of violence, it is not healthy for one’s life. Domestic violence and abuse is experienced by intimate partners on a daily basis.
Physical violence which is the common type of abuse, involves force, possibly resulting in physical harm, disability, or death. Physical violence involves hitting, scratching, shoving, grabbing, biting, kicking and use of a weapon which causes physical harm to the victim. Physical violence more times than often result into death. Many victims are afraid to leave their abusers. About half of all victims of intimate partner violence reported the abuse to authorities. Also, the reporting of abuse by victims, differed by race …show more content…

The violence worsens as the cycle increases in occurrence. In the first stage, the tension building is a time that is affiliated with extremely high stress. The abusers tend to take out his or her frustrations or aggression out on the victim. Followed by the tension building stage, is the explosive stage. This point in the cycle the abuser releases his or her buildup of stress by penetrating violence against his partner in an act of rage, this consist of physical violence. The abuser tends to blame the victim for his or her problems and frustrations and law enforcement is most often called in this stage. In the final stage, which is referred to as the honeymoon stage. This stage is where the abuser convinces the victim to stay in the relationship, including promises to the victim that he or she will change. The abuser typically begs for forgiveness and even agree to counseling. The honeymoon cycle stage always cycle back to the tension-building stage, the cycle is a continuous

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