Cyclohexanone Reaction Lab

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Referring to Table 1, the reactants for each run were transferred to an Erlenmeyer Flask (250 mL) via a buret. Using a precision pipette, the volume of I3- required for each run was carefully extracted and poured into the flask containing all of the reactants. Immediately after the Iodine solution was placed in the flask, the LabQuest began collection data. Meanwhile, a small portion of the solution, was used to rinse the cuvette, then using a disposable pipette a small amount of the solution was transferred to the cuvette (approx. ¾). Placed the cuvette sample in the Sprectrovis. After each run, the temperature of each sample was collected (to nearest 0.1°C). Disposed of the sample solution, cleaned the cuvette with DIW and repeated the latter procedure using the correct volumes for each new run from Table 1.…show more content…
After all data was collected, the equation M1V1= M2V2 was used to determine the initial concentrations of each reagent in each run. [Note: The final volume (V2) for each run was 11.0 mL or 0.011 L]. Used the volumes and given molarity concentrations illustrated in Table 1 for M1 and V1. Below, Table 2 shows the finished initial concentrations for each reagent in each of the four
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